Past Programs

Accelerating Profitable Growth
Jim Ratchford, Sr. Business Development Manager, TMAC

February 2015

A Quick Look at Engineering Student and Faculty Achievements

CSE Students/Dr. D.-J. Seo, Civil Eng, UTA


January 2015

Modifying DFW Airport Facilities to Accommodate the Airbus A380

Tom Mayer,P.E., Sr. Project Mgr., Jacobs

Rob Coan, P.E., Sr. Project Mgr., Cage, Inc.


December 2014

Big Data Exploration and Analytics

in Social Media and the Deep Web
Gautam Das, Ph.D., Computer Science & Engineering, UT Arlington

November 2014

Using Near-Infrared Light to Monitor Brain Rehabilitation

George Alexandrakis, Ph.D., Bioengineering, UT Arlington
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October 2014

Thermal Microdevices for Energy and Biomedical Applications

Ankur Jain, Ph.D., Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, UT Arlington

Sept. 2014

High-Speed Rail Viability in Texas

Steve Mattingly, Ph.D., Civil Engineering,

UT Arlington

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August 2014

Fukushima Update
Michael Hay, Branch Chief,

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

June 2014

The Chisholm Trail Parkway
Mark Bouma, P.E., Technical Leader,

North Texas Tollway Authority

May 2014

The Value of Program Accreditation
K. Jamie Rogers, Ph.D., P.E.,

Industrial & Mfg. Systems Engineering, UTA

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April 2014 Nuclear Reactor Operator Training/Inspection
Mark Haire, Chief of Plant Support, Br. 1, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Comm.
March 2014 Osteoporosis Research
Pranesh Aswath, Ph.D., Assoc. Dean - Grad. Affairs, UTA COE
Feb. 2014 Wind & Ocean Current Energy Harvesting
D. Stefan Dancila, Ph.D., Mechanical & Aerospace Eng., UT Arlington
Jan. 2014 Advanced Traveler Information Systems
Ahmad Sadegh, Ph.D., V.P., Telvent Division, Schneider Electric
Dec. 2013

Just-in-Case Manufacturing

Curtis Norwood, Corporate ERP Manager, Martin Sprocket & Gear

Nov. 2013 The Trinity River Vision Project
Matthew Oliver, PIO, Trinity River Vision Authority
Oct. 2013 Future of the College of Engineering
Khosrow Behbehani, Ph.D., Dean of Engineering, UT Arlington
Sept. 2013

General Motors Arlington Stamping Plant
Leonard Pollum, Mfg. Engineering Mgr., Arlington Stamping

August 2013 Creating the SuperTruck
Scott Newhouse, Sr. Asst. Chief Engineer, Peterbilt Motors
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July 2013 Planning for Disasters and Major Public Events in the DFW Area
Irish Hancock, Emergency Management Admin., City of Arlington
June 2013 Biological Inventories of Nuclear Central America
Jonathan Campbell, Ph.D., Prof. & Chair, Dept of Biology, UTA
May 2013 Searching for the Higgs Boson
Jaehoon Yu, Ph.D., Assoc. Chair, Physics Department, UT Arlington
April 2013 Water for North Texas: Where Does and Will It Come From?
Alan Plummer, P.E., Principal, Alan Plummer Associates
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March 2013 West Seventh Street Bridge Project
Jaime Aparicio, P.E., Project Engineer, TxDOT
Feb. 2013 Hypersonic Propulsion and Flight
Drs. Luca Maddalena & Luca Massa, Aero. Research Center, UTA
Jan. 2013 Financial Outlook for 2013
Fred Richards, Principal, Adrich Corp.
Dec. 2012

Pervasive Computing and Cyber-Physical Systems
Sajal Das, Ph.D., Computer Science & Engineering, UT Arlington

Nov. 2012 Natural Gas: Who's in the Fracking Driver's Seat
Ken Morgan, Ph.D., Director, Energy Institute, TCU
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Oct. 2012 Establishing the Next Generation Science Standards
Ramon Lopez, Ph.D., Physics Dept., College of Science, UTA
Sept. 2012 No Featured Speaker
For benefit of visiting H.S. students, several ATA members described their varied engineering careers
Aug. 2012 Managing the DFW Connector Project
Alyssa Tenorio, Public Information Asst., NorthGate Constructors
July 2012

The Role of Soot in Wear and Friction in Diesel Engines

Pranesh Aswath, Ph.D., Materials Science & Engineering, UTA

June 2012 A New Approach to Collaboration and Commercializing Research
Rick Lynch, Lt. Gen., US Army (retired), UTA Research Institute
May 2012 The Future of the College of Engineering
Jean-Pierre Bardet, Ph.D., Dean, College of Engineering, UTA
April 2012 Smart Skin
Zeynep Celik-Butler, Ph.D., Director, Nanotech Facility, UTA
March 2012 Engineering Structures Are Made of ...
Erian Armanios, Ph.D., Chair, Mechanical Engineering, UTA
Feb. 2012 Earthquakes: Where and Why
Pamela Jansma and Glen Mattioli, Ph.D.s, College of Science, UTA
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Jan. 2012 TechCom: A New Model for Tech Transfer
Wes Jurey, President, Arlington Chamber of Commerce
Dec. 2011

Project Lead The Way
Diane Brewer and Tim Thompson, Arlington ISD

Nov. 2011

Advances in Nerve Regeneration

Mario Romero-Ortega, Ph.D., Bioengineering, UT Arlington
Oct. 2011

Challenges in Designing a Hybrid Racecar

Bob Woods, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, UT Arlington
Sept. 2011

The Big Muddy: Engineering the Lower Mississippi

Christopher Morris, Ph.D., History Department, UT Arlington
Aug. 2011

The Arc Flash Phenomena Research Project

Wei-Jen Lee, Ph.D., P.E., Electrical Engineereing, UT Arlington
July 2011

DFW Airport Terminal Renovations

Rudy Garcia, P.E., Vice President (retired), URS Corp.
June 2011 Constructing Microrobots
Mohammad Mayyas, Ph.D., ARRI, UT Arlington
May 2011 Measuring Human Performance
George Kondraske, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, UT Arlington
April 2011 A National Energy Policy and the Price of Gasoline
Ed Wallace, Newspaper colunist, Radio show host
Mar. 2011 A Software Approach to Aerospace Engineering
Ben Brickert, Engineer, Armadillo Aerospace
Feb. 2011 None - Meeting cancelled due to adverse weather conditions
Jan. 2011

Improving the Quality of Life for Older Adults

Christopher Ray, Ph.D., Dept. of Kinesiology, UT Arllington

Dec. 2010

Seismic Hazards and Commercial Nuclear Power

Christie Denissen, Reactor Inspector, USNRC Region IV

Nov. 2010

The Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Regulation of Radioactive Materials

Chuck Cain, Deputy Director, Nuclear Materials Safety, USNRC Region IV
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Oct. 2010 Engineering Sustainment: Support after the Sale
Neal N. McCollom, Ph.D., P.E., Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
Sept. 2010 Petroleum Refining 101: Making Usable Products from Crude Oil
Anthony Nagy, retired chemical engineer
August 2010

Constructed Wetlands: Application of a Green Treatment

Tim Noack, Alan Plummer Associates

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July 2010 Blue Horizons: Air Force Capabilities and Technologies in 2030
Col. Ted Hailes, USAF (retired), Air War College
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June 2010 A Virtual Tour of a North Texas Water Treatment Plant
David Smith, PE, and Erik Irwin; City of Arlington
May 2010

Challenges in 21st Century Engineering Education

Dr. Jonathan Bredow, Chair, Electrical Engineering, UT Arlington

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April 2010

Fundamentals of Sustainable Energy
Dr. Fuqiang Liu, Materials Science & Engineering, UT Arlington

March 2010

Long-life, Self-recharging Batteries

Dr. Larry Gadeken, President, BetaBatt, Inc.

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Feb. 2010

Nuclear Engineering at UT Arlington

Drs. Lynn Peterson, Rasool Kenarangui, Ratan Kumar

Jan. 2010

The Center for Innovation at Arlington

Wes Jurey, President and CEO, Arlington Chamber of Commerce

Dec. 2009

The Insider Threat: Theft of Trade Secrets

Rick Coward, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Dallas

Nov. 2009

Maintaining NASA's Aircraft Fleet

Gary Ash, Branch Chief, NASA Johnson Space Center

Oct. 2009

Arlington Archosaurs

Derek Main, College of Science, UT Arlington

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Sept. 2009

The EPA: Balancing environmental interests

Richard Greene, Urban & Public Affairs, UT Arlington

August 2009 Virtual Environments
Venkat Devarajan, Ph.D., Electric Engineering, UT Arlington
July 2009

Wireless Medical Devices for Body Area Networking

Don Shaver, Ph.D., Texas Instruments

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June 2009

Retaining Freshmen in Engineering Programs

Andrew Kruzic, Ph.D., Civil Engineering, UT Arlington

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May 2009

The Future of Nuclear Energy in the U.S.

Dale A. Powers, Ph.D., Senior Technical Analyst, USNRC

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April 2009

Traffic Modeling in the DFW Area - Part II

Arash Mirzaei, P.E., Senior Transportation System Modeler, NCTCOG

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March 2009

Applications and Challenges of Autonomous Vehicles

Brian Huff, Ph.D., Autonomous Vehicle Lab, UT Arlington
Feb. 2009

Wind Power Generation: A Prominent Form of Renewable Energy

Wei-Jen Lee, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, UT Arlington

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Jan. 2009 Effective Pedestrian & Vehicle Traffic Flow in Public Facilities
Gloria Bender, Co-founder and Managing Principal, TransSolutions
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Dec. 2008 Drilling the Barnett Shale
Andy Agosto, VP - Business Development, Carrizo Oil & Gas
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Nov. 2008 Shedding Light on Thin-film Solar Cell Technology
Michael Jin, Ph.D., Materials Science & Engineering, UT Arlington
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Oct. 2008 Engineering Ethics: Why Think About Them
Lance Kinney, PE, Deputy Executive Director, Tx. Board Prof. Engrs.
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Sept. 2008

Thinking, Designing and Constructing Green

Betsy del Monte, AIA, LEED AP, Principal, Beck Group

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August 2008

Traffic Modeling in the D/FW Area

Arash Mirzaei, P.E., Senior Transportation System Modeler, NCTCOG

July 2008 Bylaws Review - Arlington Technology Association  
June 2008

Steel Recycling: Life in a Mini Mill

Amy Bailey, Metallurgical Engineer, GerdauAmeristeel

May 2008 Enhanced Lubricant Additives and How They Work
Pranesh Aswath, Ph.D., College of Engineering, UT Arlington
April 2008

Engineering the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium
John Aniol, P.E., Walter P. Moore Co.;

Byron Yeatts, P.E., Campbell and Associates

March 2008 From Cosmic Particles to the Origin of the Universe
Jaehoon Yu, Ph.D., College of Science, UT Arlington
Feb. 2008 The Creative Group Mind: Genius or Dummy?
Paul Paulus, Ph.D., Dean, College of Science, UT Arlington
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Jan. 2008 Bridge Maintenance and Inspection in Texas
Loyl C. Bussell, P.E., TxDOT
Dec. 2007

Engineering a Land Speed Motorcycle
Bob Woods, Ph.D., UT Arlington
Dave Rash, president, D&D Performance Exhaust

Nov. 2007
Making Hydrogen While the Sun Shines
Krishnan Rajeshwar, Ph.D., UT Arlington
Center for Renewable Energy, Science & Technology
Oct. 2007
Using Your Technical Skills for Humanitarian Purposes Jeff Smith, Ph.D., President & CEO, Ublip, Inc.
Sept. 2007

Invasion of Texas Fresh Waters
by the South American Apple Snail

Robert F. McMahon, Ph.D., Honors Dean, UT Arlington

Aug. 2007
The School of Nursing's Smart Hospital
Elizabeth Poster, Ph.D., UT Arlington
July 2007
Convergence of Semiconductors and Healthcare
Doug Rasor, VP - Emerging Medical Technologies
Texas Instruments
June 2007
Currency and Its Effects on Trade
Aaron Smallwood, Ph.D., UT Arlington
May 2007

Progress in Piezoelectric Materials
Shashank Priya, Ph.D., UT Arlington

Apr. 2007
Eagle Eye Tiltrotor Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Pete Klein, Bell Helicopter
Mar. 2007
Destini Profiler Software
Doug Maiden, Beck Technology
Feb. 2007
Hybrid Vehicle Power
Babak Fahimi, Ph.D., UT Arlington
Jan. 2007
Reinventing Robotics to Change the World
David Hanson, Hanson Robotics

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