Wednesday, October 4, 7:00am - 8:00am
Room 601, Nedderman Hall,
UT Arlington campus
Texas P.E.s: Attending Arlington Tech presentations counts toward your professional development hours requirement.

Converting Coal and Natural Gas into Liquid Fuels

Fred MacDonnell, Ph.D.
Professor & Chair, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Brian Dennis, Ph.D.
Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
T Arlington


Liquid fuels are at the heart of our current transportation system and few, if any, alternative energy carriers (fuels) can match the energy density and ease of use as gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel.  While technologies exist for both coal to liquid (CTL) fuels and natural gas to liquid (GTL) fuels, they are only practical when crude oil is scarce or when done on a massive scale (i.e. >20,000 bbl/day).  An economically efficient conversion of CTL or GTL would supplement the natural crude oil supply for centuries to come (assuming environmental issues can be mitigated).  

Researchers at UT Arlington have been examining CTL and GTL technologies with an eye towards developing small-scale operations (<2000 bbl/day) and scaling down the reactors and related equipment, so as to make such operations profitable.

In this presentation, Professors MacDonnell and Dennis will review their work on GTL with Greenway Innovative Energy in Fort Worth as well as with other companies on CTL and describe how industry and academia can work together on such important problems.


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