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Is Dallas' DART System Providing Its Best Service to All Customers?


Shima Hamidi, Ph.D.
Director, Institute of Urban Studies
University of Texas at Arlington

It takes a majority of Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) System customers more than 45 minutes to get to work. In addition, about one-in-three public transit riders -- most from south of the downtown central business district -- do not live within a quarter-mile walking distance of a bus stop.

Most affordable housing isn't affordable when transportation costs are factored in. Almost 98 percent of Dallas residents spend more than 15 percent of their take-home pay getting to and from somewhere. The City of Dallas only recently hired a civil engineer to craft its first-ever mobility policy -- one, it's hoped, will show the city where to invest its economic and housing development dollars.

In this presentation, Dr. Hamidi provides another look at the report she gave to the Dallas City Council on the current state of public transportation and some considerations to improve it.

Shima Hamidi holds a BA in architecture, an MS in urban design and a doctorate in Metropolitan Planning, Policy and Design. Her research papers have won multiple awards from the Institute of Transportation Engineers and also the Weddle Award from the Journal of Landscape and Urban Planning. Before joining UTA in 2015, she was a Fellow in the Future Leaders Development Program sponsored by the Eno Center for Transportation in Washington, D.C.


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